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Volleyball Inter-School Games
Written by Илиян Йорданов   
Friday, 25 February 2011 15:25

This week, the municipal round of the Volleyball Inter-School Games took place. Our school competed against 6 other teams. Whereas our 5-7 grade teams had little competition, the teams for 8-10 grade and 11-12 grade met some worthy opponents in the face of PGAT "Ts. Tserkovski".

The boys' and girls' teams of SOU "Bacho Kiro" grades 8-10 won complete 3:0 victories in their two first encounters. Our girls' team grades 11-12 also won unequivocally with 3:0 results. The boys' team grades 11-12 played a challenging final game, but finally overcame the opponents with a 3:2 victory for SOU "Bacho Kiro" Pavlikeni.

All six teams of our school have qualified for the regional round of the competition!



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